Dear Mandy & Jim, Thank you so much for all your help, kindness and support in bringing Farley Lad home to us. He had a dignified end to a very short life – but we all loved him.
With all our love & thanks Sue & Wendy

Mandy & James, Thank you for your care of our beloved Prince, you have helped us so much with your sensitivity and kindness. We appreciate it very much.
Muriel and Ray

To James and Mandy, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for the compassion and care you showed for myself and my beautiful horse Pacha, you don’t often come across such special people as yourselves , you made a very traumatic sad day so much easier and you treated my horse like one of your family. I can never thank you enough, you take your business way beyond just earning a living, thank heavens there are people like you out there for us animal lovers.
Dee & Pacha

Dear Mandy and Family, Thank you for your help in making the death of my beloved Flash more bearable. Knowing that he was treated with respect and dignity is a comfort in it self. Thank you again

To Mandy, We just wanted to let you know how truly thankful we are that we found you in our desperate hour of need. You were warm, showed enormous respect and love to our beautiful ‘Ellie’ and that gave us so much comfort and trust. What you do and the professionalism you have is fantastic. Please thank your daughter for putting Ellie’s toys back where they should have been, it did trouble Dee on the night and to know everything was perfect for her. Thank you so much again, you helped us cope with loosing our perfect beautiful Ellie.
Love & Kind wishes Dee & Darren

To Mandy & James, I just wanted to say thank you for all your help with my sad loss of “Casper”, it meant so much to me knowing exactly where he was going and that he would be treated with care and respect. You have made this whole distressing time a lot easier to cope with, it was lovely to meet you both.
Thanks again, Tina

Just wanted to thank you again for the compassionate and efficient way you dealt with us the other day. Yesterday we scattered Murphys ashes at the top of Bredon Hill – a place we all loved.
Chris & Julia

Thank you for providing a sensitive and efficient service for my horse Topaz, it is much appreciated.
Regards Julie

Dear Mandy, It was lovely to meet you and your lovely pets yesterday, when we collected Poppy, I just want to say “Thank you” again for looking after my darling Poppy. It’s lovely to have her home again. I’m lucky to have Caroline & Claire they are so wonderful to me.
Lots of love Marie

Dear Mandy, How can we thank you for your kindness in looking after our Katie Katie Katie we are very grateful to you.
Kind regards Christina, Alan & Anna

Dear James and Mandy, I just wanted to say thank you for coming so quickly to collect Spud that awful day and for your caring and understanding. Spud was a wonderful horse and deserved the dignity you gave him. I am grateful for his shoes and plaited hair, we scattered Spud in his field, finally home for ever. I thank you once again.
Kind regards Caroline

To Mandy, I would like say a very big thank you to you for your caring and understanding ways when I needed them most. Charlie may have only been a Budgie but he was very special. Yours faithfully and with thanks once again

Dear Mandy, Just a short note to say thank you to you and your family for helping to make life a little more bearable during this very sad time for us. The loss of our little dog Chloe has been difficult for us but we take great comfort in knowing that she has received the respect she deserved. Thank you very much for your kindness and your sympathetic approach.
Best Wishes Karen & Phil

To Mandy, Thanks for the prompt and efficient way you dealt with our loss. Grateful thanks for the consideration and compassion.
Pauline & Craig

At a time of great sorrow loosing two much loved family members Jip and Jake, we consider ourselves lucky to have met you. Your kindness and consideration during this period helped us all to bear this sad loss better. For us it helped to know we had someone we were happy to entrust our pets to, knowing that they would be properly looked after. Thank you for your kindness, consideration and understanding we will always be truly grateful.
Gail, Phil, Emily & Andrew

Dear Mandy, Just wanted to tell you how much your kindness and understanding helped us cope with the death of our lovely German Shepherd ‘Maisie’. You and your family do a great job.
Love and thanks Linda and Jose

Individual Pet Cremation, On Saturday 11th October 2008, I lost my best friend, my little Jack Russell dog ‘Rosie’. It was one of the saddest days of my life. We had been together through good times and bad times, for 16 years, obviously I was devastated. Some time ago you sent me some of your brochures to put in my cattery, I always kept them, of course hoping that I would never have to use one, but inevitably I did. I am so very grateful to you for what you did that day. I don’t know the ladies name that collected Rosie, but she was very kind, and I felt that my little dog was in safe hands. You then bought her back to me the next day in her little casket. I can’t even begin to tell you, the amount of comfort that that has given me. I have handled her loss much better than I believed I would, thanks to you. My vet came to see me the next day he was genuinely upset too, he had taken care of her health for many years. I told him I had had her cremated and told him of your services. He wasn’t aware that you were in the area, I have given him your brochure and he feels it’s an invaluable service that you provide. I would like some more of your brochures to put in my Cattery, obviously from time to time I get distressing calls from clients that have lost a much loved cat and I would like to pass this information on to them. If it gives someone else as much comfort as it’s given me, then it’s a job well done. I do thank you so very much for what you did for me that weekend.
Yours very sincerely Anne

Dear James & Mandy, A huge thank you to you both for your help and kindness earlier this week when we brought Bracken to you .It was one of the hardest things we have ever had to do and you made it feel that little bit easier with your approachability, warmth and professionalism. We both left knowing that he was in very good hands and that you would treat him with care and respect. He was the most amazing dog in life and we always made sure that he got the best of everything – it was lovely to know that we could find the best people to care for him when he passed away. Thank you again – what you did meant the world to us and you gave us absolute peace of mind.
Yours in gratitude Jules & Matt

Dear Mandy & James, We would like to say thank you for the care and dignity you gave to Sammie, it will take a time before we come to terms with losing her, she was loved and cared for right to the end and you made it possible. We know we have our Sammie back home with us. Thank you both for all you have done.
Jean & Alan

Dear Mandy and James, I would like to thank you both for your kindness and support. Your lovely words have helped me deal with this tough time. ‘Red was a best friend, a partner and a true companion to me, we made a great team together and we had a bond and understanding which I never thought possible. He was a true ‘gent’ and always looked after me! His proud, calm and cheeky character touched everyone who met him. He will be sadly missed by many, but all our wonderful happy memories together will always hold a special place in my heart
He may not be here, but he will always be close.
Thank you again, Claire

Dear Mandy, I would like to thank you for your service for our Rottie ‘Max’ Although a very painful time for us with our loss, you made a very upsetting time more comforting. I know Max was in good hands, and I could never express how comforting that was for us. Thank you for giving Max the dignified cremation that he deserved. You do a wonderful and professional service and for that we will forever be indebted to you. May you continue to give peace to other families that loose their best friends.
Yours sincerely Debbie & Andy

Dear Mandy, Many thanks for your help regarding my beloved pet ‘Cheyenne’. Enjoyed seeing all your pets and best regards to Annie. (The tame sheep)
Best wishes Claudia

Dear Mr & Mrs Howell, Once again I can only say how grateful I am for your help at such a terrible time. I cannot thank you enough for the care and kindness you showed both to myself and my daughter. Jacob was handled with care and dignity and is now resting peacefully in his field, thanks to all your effort and hard work.
Yours Sincerely, Liz

Dear Mandy, Just a little note to say many heartfelt thanks for the way that you dealt with everything at Louise’s sad loss of her beloved horse Hetty. It was lovely to have such a friendly person deal with a very sad situation. Your service was absolutely perfect. I will certainly recommend you.
Thanks again, Lorna

Dear Mandy, Thank you very much for the sympathetic way you dealt with Sigi. The setting was very much like he was use to in the open countryside. Again lots of thanks

Dear Mandy & James, We just want to say a Big Thank you to you both, for your thoughtfulness and understanding recently when our beautiful Black cat Sophie passed away. It was and still is, an incredibly painful time, but it comforts us both to have her back home with us, we move her around the house & place her in her favorite places. Thank you once again.
Yours sincerely, Christine & Richard

Dear Mandy, Thank you so much for the kindness you have shown me and the compassionate way in which you dealt with our beloved Siamese ‘Jack’. He is now back where he belongs, currently sitting on my boyfriends lap. Many thanks again.
Yours, Joanne

Dear Mandy, Thank you so much for the kindness you have shown me and the compassionate way in which you dealt with our beloved Siamese ‘Jack’. He is now back where he belongs, currently sitting on my boyfriends lap. Many thanks again.
Yours, Joanne

To Mandy & Family, Once again many thanks for your kindness and tender ways. Losing Peter was very hard but with the love you show makes it easier. My loss is made better knowing he was taken care of with such thought and dignity.
Yours. Tracey

Dear Mandy, Thank you so much for your help and kindness with Pilchard & Cornelius. Once again you made a very difficult time that little bit easier.
Thanks again, Jules & Matt

To Mandy, Just to say thank you for all that you did for Macy when she passed away. I was thankful that there was someone to talk to regarding her passing and the circumstances. I wish you well for the future.

To Mandy & Co, Please accept our thanks for your obvious care and kind consideration showed for us when we collected our dear pets casket “Ollie”. This time has been so hard for us but the bright & informative approach was most uplifting for us and was what we needed. Thank you Mandy, and good luck for the future.
Best Wishes Gary & Sue for “Ollie”

Mandy, Thank you for caring about animals and for giving us so much of your time. We really appreciate your family’s commitment.
With best wishes Liz and John

Dear Mandy, Apologies that this is late – we are still reeling from the shock of losing our Lucy. Thank you once again for the wonderful service you provide and your words of comfort and kindness at such a difficult time. We honestly do not know what we would do with out you.
Love & Best Wishes Jules & Matt

To Mandy & Family, I would like to thank you for your kind consideration of both Africa and myself at this sad time, this has been appreciated so very much.
Love Jo

Dear Mandy, Sincere thanks for your help and kindness, when it came to say our final farewell to our very best friend Dillon.
Yours sincerely, John and Helen

Dear Mandy, Many, many thanks again for the kindness, care and understanding which you showed us at the time of our immense sadness at losing our beloved Diggy. We take great comfort in having his casket. Best wishes in continuing with your much appreciated work.
Yours sincerely, Mike & Gil

Dear Mandy, Just to thank you for your help and service you provided for our dog Rosie’s cremation. We really appreciated your helpful manner at a time when we really needed this support. It was lovely that Rosie’s last journey was to such a beautiful setting.
Thank you, Louise & Graham

To Mandy & Family, Thank you for the very special and personal touch you provided us with, don’t know what we would have done without it.
From Chris & Family

To Mandy & James, Thank you for all your help on the 3rd April 2009, with ‘Midnight’ as you know it is one of the hardest decisions I have ever made to let her go, but I knew I had to do it for her. Me and Midi had been through some tough times together, she’d had many problems but we always got through them, but this one we couldn’t, not without surgical intervention which at Midi’s age (30yrs and 3 mths) I wasn’t prepared to put her through that. I always said that Midi would always go with all her Dignity which she did – a lovely spring evening in her own paddock. We believe now that she’s in ‘clover heaven’ with her ‘old’ pals, chasing the ducks, which she always loved doing. Your care and compassion has helped me get through this. I contacted yourselves over 12 months previous for information and decided that when the time came I would definitely contact you and always kept your tel No close to hand. I have recommended you to all my friends for the future and will keep on doing so.
Love Sue

Dear Mandy, I want to thank you so very very much for the kind and thoughtful way you helped me when my precious Mayo died. I was completely unprepared and still find it very hard to bear, but the time you spent with me and the understanding you showed me has helped me enormously. The way you treated Mayo with such respect, as if she was your own, was very special and she certainly would have appreciated - being a very important little dog.!
With gratitude, Angie

Just to say many thanks, for the reassurance and care that you gave to me, in my most difficult time. I can not begin to say just how important it has been, and to know that I have my Clyde back with me. I will do all that I can, to tell your good service to all my customers, I feel your service is an asset to all pet owners and I really do thank you So much. Jenny “Clyde”

Dear Mandy and James, Just a note to say a big thank you for your kindness and efficiency when dealing with Bertie last week, because it made it so much more bearable for me on the day. I had had him for eleven years and he was a real ‘gentle giant’, so it was lovely to have your care and attention on his final journey. I do hope your business continues to do well, as your sort of care and attention is very much what is needed at this difficult time.
Many thanks again Chris and Bertie.

To Mandy & Co, Thank you for making a hard event easy! I was devastated when Mr Ginge passed away but thanks to the calm surroundings and peaceful countryside of your home I was able to say goodbye easily and know that he is safe. Mr Ginge is now curled up on the coffee table where he used to sleep. Hope to see you again ----- but not for a few years yet. (fingers crossed)
Thank you so much, Erica, Matt & Mizi (cat)

To Mandy & James, We would like to thank you for all your help, care and support with the passing of Zak, words cannot express how re-assured we felt knowing he was going to be looked after and cared for until we were able to bring him back home to us. We are so glad we found you, made such a big difference to us all.
Our very best wishes to you, Wendy & Les

Dear Mandy, Thank you so much for your kindness and compassion as I came to terms with the loss of my special little lady Rosie.

Thank you for your kindness and understanding when my friend died.
Yours Debbie

Dear Mandy, James & Family, Just wanted to thank you for looking after our dear Gulliver and with such compassion, kindness and dignity. You have helped to make this very difficult and sad time so much more bearable for us.
Kindest Regards Caroline & Family

Thank you so much for looking after “MAX” cat. After18 years with him, you have looked after him and given him the dignity and respect he so well deserved. I would recommend you highly to other animal lovers.
Thank you Lisa & Nigel

Mandy & James, Thank you for your care of our beloved Prince, you have helped us so much with your sensitivity and kindness. We appreciate it very much.
Muriel & Ray

Dear Mandy & Family, Just a line to thank you all so much for your support during a very difficult time for us. To loose both Tinker and Rocket just 8 weeks apart was very hard. Thank you for the very kind and dignified manner in which you handled there final journey.
Love to you all Sue & Mike

Mandy, Thank you for all the kindness and support in making Pepsi’s final journey the way we wanted it. It’s a great comfort for us to know she was treated with respect, she meant the world to us all. It means so much to have her safely back home with us.
All our love and thanks Dawn, Andy, Scott and Josh

To James & Mandy, We just wanted to send our heart felt gratitude for the way you helped us with Lady. You made a very difficult and sad day a little easier and for that we are so grateful.
Warmest regards Trina & Sarah

Dear Mandy, Just a short note to say thank you to you and your family for helping to make life a little more bearable during this very sad time for us. The loss of our little dog Chloe has been difficult for us but we take great comfort in knowing that she has received the respect she deserved. Thank you very much for your kindness and your sympathetic approach.
Best wishes Karen & Phil

Dear Mandy, Thank you for Kerry’s certificate, also for the lovely picture of the bank – it looks just the right spot. Also thanks to you and James for being there on the day.

To everyone at the crematorium, a big thank you for looking after Pippin for me. We miss him very much. I’m sure we will be in touch again but not too soon I hope! Thank you again for all your kindness.

Dear Mandy & Family, Just a little note to say thank-you for looking after Stilts. You made a very difficult time a lot easier and you gave us the peace of mind that we needed at such a sad time. We can’t thank you enough!
Love & best wishes Julie & Keith

To Mandy & James, Just to say a very Big thank-you for your help and understanding on our very sad loss of “Letty.” You both made our days a lot easier, thanks very much again.
Yours gratefully Mick, Marian, Wendy & Family

To Mandy, Just a note to say a big thank you for all your help when we had to let Ziggy go. Thank you again Dave, Andrea and Grace

Dear Mandy, We would like to express our thanks to you for the service you provided last Friday for Frisky. It was a great comfort to us to send him off with dignity. Your service was excellent.
David, Linda, Peter & Sarah

To Mandy and James, Thank you so much for taking care of Cassie on her final Journey. Phil & Gary

Just to thank you on your professional but caring approach over our dog Sam’s cremation last week. You both made it easier for us and we have now put Sam to “rest” at a favourite spot on the nearby common.
Kind regards Hilary

Thank you for looking after Patch for me.

Dear Mandy, James and Family, We just wished to say a huge thank-you for helping us letting go of our beloved Harry. He was our sunshine and now shines down on us. You were the perfect people for us to leave Harry with; we truly appreciate your loving and joyous manner in how you dealt with our sadness.
Kindest wishes Michael & Tracy

Thank you Mandy for your care of Spratt.