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On arrival at the crematorium your pet is carried and placed in the Rest Room (shown on the Rest Room Page link above) still in their pet bed. The pet will be cremated in one of the two smaller individual cremators (shown on the Cremators Page link above), which are completely emptied between each cremation.
The ashes you receive back in the option of your choice will be in the form of a uniform dry sterile ash and are contained in a sealable plastic bag.

In our experience to date we have found some clients trust you implicitly to carry out the service we say we provide, which we find is a decision people can make by meeting or talking to us, as we are the people who carry out this service from the start to the finish. Other clients need to be reassured and that can only be done by asking questions. Our basis has always been to be very open with our clients and incoming enquires.We realise that at such a traumatic time people do think of questions after we have collected their pets, and we would rather have their phone call to answer that question and leave them with one less worry to think about.

The equine cremator shown on the Cremators Page link above is to the left and has been specially designed to accommodate a whole single horse, the green equine loading scoop, also pictured on the Cremators Page Link, enables us to place the horse or pony inside the cremator, as opposed to alternative methods.

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